Students Visited by War Veteran

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Students from our Social Inclusion Course were today visited by war veteran Simon Brown.  Simon was a Corporal in the Royal electrical and Mechanical Engineers attached to 2 Lancs in Iraq where he sustained facial injuries during a rescue mission in Basra. As a result Simon lost his left eye and his right eye was severely impaired.

Simon who is from Morley, West Yorkshire spoke to the group about his time before and after the army as well as recalling his accident and the impact his injury had on him and his family. He spoke of his immense pride of serving for his country and the important role his friends played in his recovery. In addition his talk focused on the importance of identifying his strengths which were fundamental in aiding his recovery, one of which was his ability to take ownership of his disability. Nigel O’Flaherty Johnston the Bradford Bulls Foundation Social Inclusion Officer said “Simon is an inspiration to all of us and it was wonderful to hear his story, all the students were inspired and left with the message that anything is possible”.

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