Interactive sessions can be delivered in schools

  • WW1 Art Club – a 10 week course utilising different techniques, including ipad art, meeting an artist and a field trip that results in the children gaining an Arts Award.
  • Sporting Heroes – what makes a hero? Covers both sporting heroes and war heroes.
  • Outbreak of war – Following events in Bradford in the first month of war and following two Bradford Northern reservists as they rejoin their regiment and set off for France.
  • Children in War – Exploring the impact of war on children both at school, work and home.


The following talks can be given to community groups for a donation to the foundation

  • Birch Lane Heroes: Bradford Northern in WW1
  • Great War Britain: Bradford
  • Musical beds: Bradford’s War Hospitals
  • Strawberries and Cream Cakes: Food Rationing in WW1
  • Outbreak of War: The First Month
  • Children in WW1
  • Bradford’s War Horses
  • Bradford’s Prisoners of War
  • History of Bradford Bulls


Heritage tours of the Provident Stadium, Odsal, can be booked for a donation to the foundation. They cover details of how the grounds were made, the history of the club and a walk around the stadium including a visit to the team changing rooms!!

Birch Lane Heroes

If you have any family connections to Bradford Northern’s players or staff during WW1 we would love to hear from your. If you have any memorabilia relating to the club during the First World War period or any further information please get in touch by emailing