Sky Try

Lidget Green Primary School

Sky Try Visits Lidget Green Primary School

Our Sky Try Sessions are continuing apace and the kids are only getting better and better!

Down at Lidget Green Primary School, the Year 3s were getting stuck into their rugby league training and by the looks of it, they’re getting pretty good as well.

Moving on from the basic training that they learned in Sky Try, they have now mastered a two-handed carry – pretty important when they get older and the tackling starts – as well as stretches, including Bullman’s famous Superman stretch.

Coach Ryan Hunkin is even setting them homework: “The kids have been going home and turning the televisions off,” said Ryan, “under my instruction, so they don’t get told off by their parents!”

Then they become the teachers and coaches by getting their parents, brothers and sisters to perform a superman stretch.”

All the training is paying off – check them out in this video!


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