Aims and Objectives

  •  Promote health and well being.
  •  Partner with key health organisations within the community to seek out new health initiatives.

The health pillar of activity has grown over the year with new schemes of work in place promoting well being. The new initiatives include the Bulls Body Blitz  which targets adults, both male and female who are trying to lose weight or maintain fitness levels. The programme runs for one hour on an evening and has had over 50 adults take part over the two pilots. Evaluations show that participants thoroughly enjoyed the blitz, lost weight, boosted confidence and self esteem, changed their attitudes towards exercise and met new people. The Foundation is now actively seeking sponsorship for the blitz both commercially or via public services. The unique sell to public service providers is targeting adults who would not usually refer themselves to clinics or GP’s.

We are also running a 3 week project known as “Take Heart Take Part” this is funded by Heart Research. This is open to primary schools within the Bradford district.

Working with the Heritage department the foundation is working with Marie Curie and the NHS to deliver sessions targeting amnesia and dementia. Once again the work has been well received and is a new area of work for the Foundation resulting in regular repeat bookings. A funding bid has been submitted to sustain the delivery.

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