Play Touch Rugby League

Play Touch

Play Touch Rugby League has been deigned by the RFL to ensure the sport is more accessible to a wider audience. Every team is permitted to have 5 or 6 players on the field at any one time. They are permitted to make as many substitutions as they wish.

Rules of the game

Teams score by grounding the ball over the opposing teams tryline

Teams must pass the ball backwards and have six opportunities to score

To stop the player from scoring a player must touch rather than tackle the player who is in possession of the ball.

After 6 touches the attacking team must pass the ball to the defending team who then has six new opportunities to score.

Play Touch Quotes

” The game is thrilling and exciting whilst being played in the traditional format. In some cases it can be faster and more engaging because a touch results in less down time
than a full contact tackle. The players have the same opportunity to improve their fitness and enjoy all the social benefits of being part of a team”.

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