Player Appearance

Player Appearance Policy

The Bradford Bulls Foundation works closely with the coaching staff to get the players out into the community as aspiring role models.

Since the new player appearance structure the players have made over 110 visits in the community in 3 months!

To request a player please see the guidelines below:


Player Appearance Procedure

To keep a well structured and maintained player appearance system this programme will be run in co ordination with the coaching staff and Nigel O’Flaherty-Johnston from the Bradford Bulls Foundation.

The following procedures listed below must be followed to enable the programme to successfully work.

  • To request a player appearance all departments and outside organisations (community clubs, companies, and community groups) must make requests to the programme co-ordinator Nigel O’Flaherty-Johnston, whose email is  if it’s a hard copy letter it must be addressed to Nigel and placed in the Foundation pigeon hole in the main office.
  • When requesting a player, the request must include the event, time, date, address and postcode, contact name at the event, what clothing to wear and the role of the player on the day.
  • Each player appearance request will be discussed at the weekly coaching schedule meeting and a decision will be made by the Head Coach and staff if the appearance is allowed to go ahead.
  • If the request is successful or declined Nigel will notify the department or outside organisation, if it is declined, an explanation for this will be given.
  • Players who have been selected for an appearance will receive notice by email and a memo, which will include full details of the appearance and should be given at least one week prior to the appearance.
  • The day before an appearance the players will receive a text reminder.
  • The Club will not enter into any personal appearances, e.g. birthdays, weddings, etc.
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