Sky Try

We paid Feversham Primary a visit for some coaching!

Sky Try A Big Success At Feversham Primary

Our coach Ryan is tireless in spreading the gospel of rugby league wherever he goes in Bradford, and at Feversham Primary in he’s found a few new converts.

Mr Ajaib and his Form Blue 4 kids were the latest recipients of some extra special coaching from Ryan, who swung by the school yesterday to show them the ropes.

“The children enjoyed bringing all their skills together,” said Mr Ajaib. “They learned whole team participation, communication and improved their hand-eye coordination.”

Sky Try is a multi-million pound scheme that involves community coaches like Ryan going into schools and teaching the kids the basics of rugby league.

It empowers Rugby League clubs’ charitable foundations – that’s us! –  to make a massive difference by delivering new opportunities to play, watch and become involved in the sport.

Across the country, the scheme reaches 100,000 people annually. There might not be that many people at Feversham Primary School, but we think we’ve made a contribution to that number – and made a few new pals as well!

Here are Ryan and the kids in action!

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